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National Campaigns Legislative Alerts

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We participate in Congressional Education Days, organized by National Peace Action, and help you to get on message and in the offices of Congressional Representatives. By ZOOM and, when possible, in person.

Congressional Switchboard 202-224-3121   
Call and ask for your Congress People
(You will have to call back for each Senator and your member of the House) 

Attend or Set

 a Meeting

We arrange Zoom meetings with elected officials at key times to advocate for our legislation (listed below) before a vote.

Please join us


If you are experienced in lobbying and want to set a meeting with an elected official's staff.


You can look them up here.

Congressional offices are doing many visits on Zoom and other platforms during the pandemic.


It is always best to ask them which platform they use. Then use that one. 

If you set your own meeting, please let us know so we can keep track. It is always better when people work together. 

Please do not miss-represent OUR positions if you are a member

Peace,                       Justice,             Sustainability

Human Needs

Economic and Social 
Human Rights

Cut Defense Spending
Protect our Ecosystem with a
Green Economy

On-going campaigns

Our Campaign for
War Anywhere

Black Lives Matter and
Police Violence

The Ever increasing Pentagon Budget

General Tips and Best Practices

to lobby Congress 

a short sentence or two about why you personally support or oppose a proposal is best.


Most importantly, always be courteous and clear .


(The time for direct action is after they refuse to budge.)

When lobbying:

  • Be specific;

  • Ask for action;

  • Use time wisely;

  • Plan out your remarks;

  • Solicit support from your legislator;

  • Tell the truth;

  • Be respectful;

  • Follow-up: write a thank you note.

Healthcare Not Warfare

Climate Change Action

Human RIghts Around the World

No War! No Warming!

Legislative Priorities
for 2023

To be announced soon

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