Nations must lay down their arms and stop fighting each other. We must fight the Virus.

A world without war? Think of it. We have wanted it, now we can have it, if even only for the extent of this crisis.

Support the UN call for a Global Cease Fire!

STEP 1: Sign the Petition: 

We need a Global Ceasefire


STEP 2: Our First Demand. (Others will follow)

The US must give full throated  endorsement of the UN Secretary General's call for a Planet-wide ceasefire and tell us the steps that the US Government will take to ensure that it happens.


We must call Congress and the White House with this demand.

Congressional Switchboard 202.224.3121

White House Comment Line: 

Comments: 202-456-1111.

Switchboard: 202-456-1414.

TTY/TTD Comments: 202-456-6213.

Join our Campaign!


If there is one thing the Novel Corona Virus has made abundantly clear is that we are all in this together!


We are one planet and one species and we are at war with a microscopic entity that would do us in. There is nothing intentional about it. And it will not kill all of us. But it will kill many and with, or without physical distancing it will take a toll on our current economic system and it is already testing the limits of political structures and institutions around the world. We must fight this virus with all we have. And we must fight it as one human family, because that is what we are. 

It is important to learn the other reality here. That if this microscopic thing can bring us to heel, then maybe we are not as big and powerful as we think we are. So a little humility would be in order. 

If we can unite as a species to defeat this scourge, then there is no reason to believe that we cannot unite to build a better word for everyone once this is defeated. But we will have to do better than we have throughout human history. A history where the danger, the death, and the threat of chaos has often not come from something else, but from each other. It is time we all woke up to the fact that we all inhabit the same planet. We ARE all in this together, and we will survive and thrive if we finally begin to embrace our differences and work together for a fair and healthy and truly secure future ... together!

This will mean changing our behavior. It will mean changing our priorities. And it will mean changing how we treat each other.

War is a thing of the past. We must vanquish greed. We must end competition and we must embrace community and co-operation!


We waste vast resources on war and energy production every generation while people at the top, competing for markets, and  desperate for power over their own citizens, send our youth off to kill each other on a regular basis. This must stop!

We are destroying the environment we all depend on to live and to thrive, all in the name of profit and greed. This Must Stop!

We pit people against each other based on differences that should enrich us as a cornucopia of wonderful diversity, like a kaleidoscope of brilliance.  This must stop!

And profit and greed and the lust for power by the few, the 1% and their allies, depends on competition among us. A competition they create and encourage as a means to keep us divided. This so they can own and control the resources that the rest of us must struggle and compete for to survive and to prosper. This must stop!.

When this is over we cannot return to "normal". We need an end to business as usual. We must reverse climate change, we must create a fair and equitable economic system that cares for everyone, not just the few. We must erase the barriers that divide us and build up the ties that bind us to each other and reorder the system we all live under to care for everyone and allow them to live to their fullest potential.  Our very survival as a species depends on it.

Yes...the current crisis has shown everyone that we are all in this together.. The virus knows no boundaries and does not discriminate based on anything! We are all fodder for it's existence. But it has also put on display the deep inequities that exist in the prevailing political and economic systems that have dominated the world for way too long. It has put them on display for all to see and without anyone being able to deny them with any semblance of credibility any longer. 

We cannot go back to the old "normal" after this crisis is over and behind us. And we must be better prepared to head it off the next time. And even more, we must put to rest the gross, unsustainable, industrial farming practices that helped bring this current crisis about to begin with.

We are not the owners of this Earth. We are it's dependents and we ravage her at our own expense and the expense of our children. This too must stop!

Right now there are two steps, and two demands in our campaign to win a Global Cease fire. As we progress, there will be more.  But we must achieve these first two steps and we must achieve them quickly!


A Global Ceasefire will free up the resources and help buy, in each country, the time they need to fight and stop the spread of the virus.


We will unite with work being done to end income inequality, ending and reversing global climate change, stopping discrimination and racism and winning the rights of all individuals to live with the freedom of their own conscience and their own choices in respect for each other's choices without competition. 

We unite with others to change the world and never go back to business as usual.

This is an important front in the struggle to save humanity. Just think of it.. finally, a world without war. Even if for only a while. This could realistically start us on a path where we finally make war a thing of the past and unite our planet in the interests of everyone.


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