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Save the Victims of the Saudi/UAE war on Yemen

The US must stop supporting the Saudi war effort!
“Today, I withdrew from consideration by the U.S. Senate my War Powers Resolution after the Biden administration agreed to continue working with my office on ending the war in Yemen. Let me be clear. If we do not reach agreement, I will, along with my colleagues, bring this resolution back for a vote in the near future and do everything possible to end this horrific conflict.” -- With these words, Senator Bernie Sanders threw down the Gauntlet to the Biden Administration to live up to his pledge to hold the Saudis accountable. It was also the culmination of a push we started in 2022, along with our allies all over the country, to get a vote in Congress to use their war powers to stop funding the Sauid war effort in Yemen and force a negotiated settlement to the war and end the crisis -- Up till now we have helped line up 13 Co-sponsor on Sanders bill (S.J. Res 56), enough to call for a vote, with several Senators leaning in favor. But last minute lobbying by the Biden Administration left a victory in doubt. Rather than force a confrontation that would not look good for Biden after his pledges as a candidate to bring the Saudis to heel, Sanders deftly maneuvered him toward compromise language that may make the bill more palatable to all... In the mean time a House version waits in the wings.
e bill is identical and our calls (and yours) have helped line up 120
Co-sponsors on H.J. Res 87 -- This is far from over... It is important to keep up the pressure, Whatever happens by the end of 2022, we get another bite at the Apple in 2023 but we are calling on the White House to Compromise and move the legislation forward...

   Because Yemen can't wait!
Whitehouse Switchboard 202-456-1414


Yemen Coalition Lobby Days of Decision,


April 2023


Momentum to end the catastrophic eight year war in Yemen is building, both on the ground in the region with the re-establishment of diplomatic ties between Iran and Saudi Arabia, and with US politics in Washington. Now is a critical time to act to end the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. 


While a new War Powers Resolution to end US military support for the Saudi-led coalition is still to be introduced, hopefully soon, a new bipartisan initiative, a privileged resolution by Senators Chris Murphy (D-CT) and Mike Lee (R-UT), will be considered in a few weeks. It cites section 502(B) of the Foreign Assistance Act, requiring a State Department report on the human rights record of Saudi Arabia, positing a possible end to US military assistance based on a pattern of gross human rights violations. 


Building on our highly successful March 25 international online rally for Yemen, Peace Action, Action Corps, Friends Committee on National Legislation, Yemen Relief and Reconstruction Foundation, and others, are organizing congressional lobby days in April around the following demands: 


1 -Introduce a new Yemen War Powers Resolution;

2 -Vote Yes on Murphy-Lee requiring a State Department report under 502(B), so we can get accountability and cut off military assistance to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia;

3 -End the blockade of Yemen.  

Lobby training sessions via Zoom will be held in early April, with the first one next Friday, April 7 at 1 pm eastern time, as noted above.  Please register here. The training sessions will include an issue briefing, expert “how to” advice on lobbying Congress, and tips for scheduling meetings, especially for new activists/lobbyists. 

Most will be virtual, but some could be in-person in local congressional offices or on Capitol Hill, starting in mid-April. Some groups will schedule their own lobby visits, others might need help setting their meetings, which our team will help with. We will also help assemble lobby teams as necessary.

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Click on this map to find out what's going on in Yemen

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