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Now that the Feb. 24 anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine has passed, we have to keep up calls for genuine diplomacy to end this terrible war. We’re encouraging everyone to participate in our efforts to bring about an end to the war through diplomatic means

Friday, Feb. 24, we gathered with our allies and members at the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. Groups that were there were PJSN, Brandywine Peace Community, Woman's International League for Peace and Freedom. The Philadelphia Regional Anti War Network, Code Pink and the Grannies Peace Brigade — so we need to ramp up public pressure on members of Congress. We will give you simple tools to call your elected officials if you get in touch with us. We will be announcing Virtual Lobby Days soon, so stay tuned. This is appropriate, given the widespread failure of Congress members to challenge the current militarism that threatens us everyone’s future.

If this war does not end it runs the risk of spinning out of control and leading to nuclear war!

Nuclear Weapons are an existential threat.  Along with Climate Change, we face the possible end of civilization and even the extinction of the human species -- and many others as well.

If you want to know how bad a nuclear explosion can be, check out Nukemap to see how much a nuclear bomb dropped on your area could destroy!

Pictures from our February 24th Action at the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia


We call on the Administration to sign the 

Treaty for the Prevention of Nuclear War

Stay tuned for upcoming actions!

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